Are you a Social driver or a Social Ride?

Updated: Nov 14

Being social is a behavior or character most of us end up yearning to be and we tend to perceive a life of being the joy of any crowd you in or public functions you may find yourself in and mostly the fuss of accumulating much wealth in form of royalties leading to living luxurious standards.

Social in a local view, we may say is having the character to engage with others in a good way or bad and be reliable to activities that involves togetherness yet having the qualities to be felt as available, trustworthy towards the team expectations including being the motivational personality around.

On the other hand, Social Ride and Social Driver are specific terms that I could find trendy to express apparently how a set of characters in comparison to social activities and a person reliability could be either your own personality or driven by others who you may have acquired their preferences at large.

Ever had that feeling of being stuck on an occupation you even went school for, got good experience for, though you may wonder now about what was your clear motivation to choose such a profession while at school, however currently you have thoughts of wishing you had learned the other dream profession?

In imagination, we may say that you had a Social Ride mentality while in school, led you to choosing profession full of future prosperity predictions for instance, your Classmates views of their future and their own capabilities: forgetting your inner self comfortability, your after school personality or Social skills, your financial struggles, your personal economy including many other things, aspects like, local occupational qualities compared to your own academics or skills, your mental health at specific work environments, public behaviors, your history, your academic or experience background, family references, your peer ranks, mobility capabilities like driving licenses, languages efficiency and most of all: the so called 'Your Fate.'


A lot has happen in my life where one could term either, I was being social driven or being the social driver and it never ends as long as one is social able. Probably, the social activities available for any individual globally, currently impacts one to acquire or find oneself as a Social Ride, interestingly; social drivers are accountable too.

Going into details to discuss with you of all the possible acts of social riden activities, I would take this time to classify the social riden activities in relation to any possible characteristics. Let's start with:

  1. Shyness

  • A Shy person can be an everyday prey to any individual who assume social driver energy over the shy person, although at many times it turns out indirectly the shy person becomes the social driver unknowingly or tactically.

  • Being shy is powerful and very vicious in seducing moods that bring the shy person whatever kind of emotions they may need from any other person who is shy or not shy.

  • For instance, let us pick two friends having different characters where one has shyness behaviors, "although, may be possessing a personality that attracts others to convince the latter to join the social activities."

  • May and June are two girls who went to socialise and met two boys, sun and moon. They became friends altogether and after that day, they promised to meet onwards. May is a shy girl although very pleasing in social activities, as she can dance, she is cute, and makes others feel social wise when around so whenever she is around she controls all the moods, for instance when she start to cry everyone has to calm her down including the boy she really likes.

  • The next days June had a chance to meet with all the boys from time to time as she was attracted to Sun: even though Sun was having that affinity of May is the one who likes him much while Moon all the time has been thinking June is liking him but she just like to play around Sun as apparently in any social activity that involves the boys always Moon plays all the roles of a Social ride in the sense that Moon invisibly has been just reflecting the social driver energy from Sun as moon knows and accepts to play it cool as being a Social Ride for Sun gaining himself a social curtain personality that resembles Sun Social energy. That is to say that when it comes to who calls the waiter, who goes call the cab who to talk about or shun about when they meet could be Moon as Sun doesn't even want June and since he is Social driver to Moon in things like who has the car and a driving licence, who is known well by the attendees around every place that Sun takes moon to boast over the differences, who is deemed cool or talkative, who has a job in addition to other important reasons that create Social Ride activities in Masculine Sense not forgetting Moon has been observant enough as mostly he is not the man of the tables he is in with Sun, hence has mastered all the possible aspects that create Sun the social character everyone perceives and at some point he may have notice the weaknesses of it towards his social preferences and what he believes is being social wise even to interesting girls like May and June, to back up this: going to pick the drinks at the counter is meant to be a good gesture for the girls that you love to cater for those you like, finding the tables to sit is meant to be you care preparing for the course, to wash the dishes after a dinner is meant you are a handy man and can be reliable to live with and many more other possible gestures of gratification and appreciation of affinities. To make it more amusing Moon is even more unknown, the one May has been thinking of as he was the one who seemed alike to her sentiments and behavior in public places and to make it worse, Moon has been having avenging issues where he feels an urge to pursue a Social activity that will lead to Sun seeing that no matter what Sun cherishes as essentials for being social wise or cool has nothing to do with being the real you and be acceptable as a responsible social able person: and he saw the emotional chemistry and the confusion about it that all the other three seems to have not understood and he took advantage of it.

  • Now we have Social Ride May has been missing the meet ups with the four occasionally while dreaming to like a Social Ride Moon,

  • We have Social Driver Sun has been thinking that Social Ride May is another shy Social Ride that he can utilise and he is attracted to her,

  • Yet we have Social Driver June has been attracted to Social Driver Sun but Social Ride Moon is the one attracted to Social Driver June and him and Sun discussed about it and put boundaries.

  • Funnily, when the three are meeting and May is not available then it is always Sun encourages June to bring her friend by trying to please her or entertain her while begging June to bring May around.

  • June wants that love to be for her so she uses the entertainment to convince Sun to see that she is the right one there who Sun may potentially need.

  • Then Moon is there frustrated that he has to uncomfortably seduce June in a view that he makes efforts that May can come around to ease the jokes between Sun and June while May is at home knowingly thinking Moon wants June but he deserves only her as they alike in characters but she has no social power over June so she afraid she will loose as her friend is very persuasive and when June knows of Moon feelings then she could play both sides as Social Ride hearted May knows June likes to have Social Ride Souls.

  • In the long run, after a lot of interactions on a normal basis so much ended up happening assumable.

  • June discovered Moon was a Social Ride through his nagging and persistence character especially for a Social Ride normality. She went for it and enjoyed private escapades with Moon as normally a Social Ride like Moon would suggest: "let's meet up at a private place where we can be ourselves relaxed you know I cannot stand around Sun and that's where June a Social Driver, has her heart melted down as she likes to have someone around who can remind her always how happy she is to be the Social Driver around him."

  • Unfortunately, May on finding out maybe she will loose both of the people she care of most, she gave into going out to celebrate with Sun as she was missing her Social Driver friend June and Sun seems a catalyst to reconciliation with her friend June and also with Sun she could be in all Social activities just like being with her friend June.

  • Cunningly, since both the Social Rides knew of the feelings of the other two Social Drivers and how much they feel devoted to them, they both created emotions that no telling basis and since Social Drivers like to be pampered with such honors of feeling treasured they all became submissive.

  • For once the two Social Rides had a chance to really meet directly on a special day where all the four were altogether and as normally assumed, the Social Drivers were busy honoring the day with revelers and fans alike. That day assumed usual, the Social Rides were busy relaxed with their observant irritations while trying to feel comfortable whenever those who they feel prone too seems unbothered and assumed the phrases in between the Social Rides could have been such as: Let me take you to a quite place once we can have a picnic or go for a private dinner at home or somewhere only us catered and so on.

  • Sneaky as Social Rides they could be...they varnished together the next day for a special quiet picnic plus a romantic serene dinner they had lured themselves with. On the contrary, The Social Drivers that day had secret codes of Bar and Restaurants counter talks and gestures over crowds eye 👁 rates and felt they needed each other as that special day of all them four meeting made them realize how much energy they had compared to their Social Rides and felt to take their leap faith and like imaginable: We owe them no explanations.

2. Attitude

  • Having the right attitude in any dynamic social activities one find oneself into is a crucial element to be emotionally healthy and comfortable for any individual whether a Social Ride or a Social Driver.

  • As a major role to master the key you could be opening yourself with all kind of an attitudes you pick or manifest within or attitude involving predictions and decisions to execute any attitude behavior, one may say having an attitude comes from the early social activities you involve in whether is a good or bad attitude.

  • So much may be seen when children socialize together for as long as they are left free on their own, an apparent parental social preferences and status may manifest among the children including for instance some children may show other kind of attitudes that come from either the closest friendly children or their own evolving nature related attitude.

  • A child who knows her parents would not mind her taking a roll call at the grass would maybe not be afraid to run up to a bush and help herself, although a child brought up with such kind of parents who would have prohibit such behavior and gives alternative details of such situations:

  • if any we could imagine, one could either laugh at the girl helping herself, another may curse her for mischief,

  • one may feel sympathy for her, there could be another ready to shout and call the parents,

  • or one may also be there who may be a Saint devoted parental child, standing tall for her and calls for a truce demanding everyone to let her be,

  • then let us imagine the one who would even decide to join her as this child now maybe needs to help herself or himself too,

  • although one just wants to share the blame whether for a good cause or just feeling competitive or friendly affinity and if not she may have call for her guardian,

  • on the contrary, how about that child who would go on purpose to help herself near the same bush place when all the noises have stopped

  • just because the child has an attitude no one will say anything,

  • and astonishing you find all the children are busy timid and afraid to show concern while they watch the scene of this child doing same what they once discriminated another child with!

  • Moreover, there could be a child who may be there just nodding and silently may say

  • "is because she or he is black! or is because she or he is white! or is because she is retarded! or i think she following her roots!"

  • To understand who are the Social Drivers and Social Rides in relation to the example above, let us reason out some imagination:

  • First of all, in a situation like this where one child has an attitude to perform an act that is generally not acceptable in public while in the presence of peers or other children, probably the first reaction from the other children would be the laughing act!

  • Concerned of the child attitude and behavior rather than the child herself or himself in refer to age bracket, community culture, close people influences, Gadgets and communications and so on, one may understand a little about a child self ranked emotions while still on an early age.

  • Starting with the child who laughed in front of all other children,

  • one may say the child plays a role of double where she or he has an attitude of a Social ride reserved and accepted as knowing and enjoying what is funny while, she or he knows it is wise having an attitude of staying behind laughing as an audience who is accepted as possessing that attitude of a Social Driver due to laughing what really tickles - Comedians!

  • Next, the child who cursed that in need child for mischief,

  • was a child who had the attitude of forgetting all who were around,

  • sympathy of not knowing if her opponent could not hold anymore to help herself and chooses the bush as a last resort,

  • And she or he remembered only in general it is restricted from anyone from helping anyone self at the bushes and due to the child self attitude of Social Driving as a mean local laws enthusiast.

  • The attitude of coming forward and curse for any mischief is mean, well consider also when a mean Social Driver is right!

  • The child who had sympathy,

  • is a child having maybe suffered already humiliation of Social or peer prosecutions and she or he compares her past ordeals with the emotions of the child helping herself in the bush,

  • hence feeling an attitude of not wanting to regret emotionally later that she or may have not helped in protecting the child in discrimination physically or verbally,

  • but atleast emotionally to God i rest my sympathy for her misery as being human in need and off bound in public including around peers.

  • A child like this may be a normal Social Ride,

  • or just a tough reserved Social Driver who is just observant and accumulating all the energy that comes with socializing, peer pressures and emotional ranks or emotional peer slavery.

  • The one who shouted and called the parents;

  • Is a child who believes whether for the good or bad of any child welfare when it is a matter that seems negative to the children an elder or enforcer must be called to intervene and regulate or mediate the situation.

  • A child like this is a Social Driver or a Social Ride who knows that as long as is so much of a confusion among peers a parent or a person qualified enough to intervene

  • Must be called upon to moderate the peers so as to behave their good standards

  • and she or he is somehow sure that her or his ranks in the peer attitudes,

  • no matter all kinds of attitudes she or he sees in that situation

  • still the attitude of believing I could call the parents and it doesn't matter,

  • all may have take it as wise or good choice of reaction according to her or his personality and the attitude of calling the parents

  • unlike in teenagers where one who is stressed out as having attitude of calling parents

  • Can be termed as a peer treason or a cop or street rat or anything of the words suitable for anyone who alerts the regulators or mediators with much power than the peer judgemental emotional ranks.

  • This child attitude is a safe haven for every child around and all they do,

  • most would not try question about the attitude as mostly they may have accepted the attitude of the child as the referee Social Driver of good will

  • and as they all know their last resort would still be the parents whenever tough needs arise

  • No one dared challenge the child decisional attitude of a right to call the parents or enforcers

  • The saint who stood for humanity must be either old enough or a child brought up in principles to protect the vulnerable in social discrimination and is dominant of rectifying and bringing understanding whenever prejudices or shunning is concerned.

  • The child had the attitude of a leading Social Driver especially if we may say she or he had what it takes to call on a halt all the frenzy social situation that was happening,

  • and according to her or his Social status the child knew she or he may have the possibility to command a truce in respect to what the child perceive the peer rank the kid possess.

  • Another interesting attitude child was the one who decided to go help herself or himself same as the shunned child in shame.

  • This child had a confusing Social Drive or Ride, as it is hard to understand why should someone on seeing a person being shamed, goes and does the same thing?

  • A child attitude like this may be termed

  • as emotional, protective, friendly attitude as a reason or a child who love fame out of mischief attitude even if means taking a blame of someone else

  • or was just a child in need too and need to help herself or himself.

  • At the end, the child who waited until chaos are over and went to do the same like the discriminated child and believed in her or his own personality that she or he could use the decision to use own self attitude

  • to go and do help herself or himself out there and no one in the peers would dare discriminate or shun,

  • and in extent she or he expects loyalty from the peers as invisible to such deeds negativity attitudes from all the children around:

  • Maybe assumptions would be, a well known Social Driver and probably the parent of the child may have adult peer or emotional community ranks well reflected in close parents children too,

  • this child`s parents may be a well known family by most of the other children's parents that,

  • For instance, they are way up past that discrimination mark in any kind of social activities whether they may be wrong or right,

  • and they may be a reason that maybe the parents have openness characters or they are free minded people loved by all parents,

  • or just very Social walled up in a way children feel the vibes.

3. Peer Ranks

4.Family Values

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