My Online E - Commerce experience and Journey as a one Man Business. Never boring yet not easy!

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I can recall way back in 2019 when my vision to dominate the Online ecommerce world were literally due to the excitement of being able to earn where most crave for fame and being popular in demand, you end up being that person always smiling wild in a crowded astonishing others what the fuss about.

Ecommerce pays in many different ways and a well strategic person with the right attitude and the right audience could be a major source of online wealth with sustainable reliable analysis that could lead any enthusiastic ecommerce figure to craft ways that will adapt in satisfying regularly returning Clients, hence with the help of all available marketing tools any one can glue a set of emotions to any client who happens to enjoy the nature of any individual ecommerce goals or purpose.

Mostly you may find clients interested in buying the overall look of your brand, or the personality you possess and even the emotional mirror of your online business, resulting to the confusion of choices among consumers for instance, imagining where someone is ready to buy a high end canvas shoes that cost more than a thousand to acknowledge the brand of the Shoes while neglecting a real leather shoes going at around one hundred and durable for years to come not forgetting maybe the leather shoes are available around the corner with no shipping extra cost unlike the high end ones that may need to be shipped from afar due to low local demand hence rarely available at the local shops.

In suspense, one may say such clientele are purchasing rareness, unaffordability, Brand popularity awareness and lastly the Status in emotions the high end product brings to the owner in contrast to how the purchaser perceive the anticipation of those who dig high end products especially the ones who cannot afford....

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