Everything you do is a work of art!

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Generally, whatever activities we indulge on, tend to be a work of art.

Whether one is eating or maybe a person is just sitting to meditate - still is a work of art.

Any human being activity could be termed as unique art of that person and through the specific individual mastered, learned oneself, trained by tutors, adapted or influenced and situational or reflexed art or arts, a person realizes all her or his capabilities including weaknesses to interact with the rest of the world in accordance with the persons own unique way of living, hence that persons own art of living.

For instance, how humans interact may be referred to as an endless act of emotional self control of ones attitude, behavior and decisions towards what is enforced, imposed, regulated and always moderated by the Constitutions acts of our Countries.

Before going into details of the fundamentals of art of living in respect to the constitutional acts in various constitutional territories one may subjected to, especially due to current international mobility capabilities,

let me briefly reminisce about the normal activities that are usually believed and recalled as art.

A common man may have all kind of arts where one performs on a daily basis although one may find out amicably that any such person could be clinging into assuming like art is celebrated mostly in music acts, writing acts, racing acts, dancing acts or physical games acts to mention a few.

Forming imaginational perspectives into emotional light rays, one could suggest about all the other unsung but frequently used arts that build one own distinctive way - of - living - arts towards her or his own personal decisional acts while comparing and perpetually on the run to make sure ones pedigree arts aligns in general with the expected constitutional acts that define ones own art of living responsibly as a normal subject to any territorial constitution a person may be interacting in.

In contrast, around a regular school environment setting,

a student known to be intellectual may be obviously accepted as all knowing and keen to subjects or having brains due to DNA sources or alike,

however much of what is not really well defined can end up creating low self-esteem to other student in believing what could be achievable when mastered as art rather than learned as a subject.

The art of achieving Academic excellence if simulated, we could interpret as organized mastering of various arts to create an emotional drive that would aid ones heart and mind to learn and understand other important arts that can only be mastered by thorough regular erudition.

One could say you need to personally:

  • control your Concerntration arts,

  • regulate your Social or Public Behavior arts,

  • enhance regularly your reading arts,

  • practice often your writing arts,

  • feed more your curiosity and inquiry arts,

  • maintain your punctuality arts

  • Uphold your Respectful arts

  • Explore your imagination arts

  • Exploit or build your social or peer ranks arts

  • Experience your problem solving capabilities arts.

  • Understand your self esteem arts

  • Beat your goals and ambitions art

All the arts we could imagine cannot be easily narrated although if you read and understand this by now your heart may be grasping some of the neglected undefined arts in your emotions. I tell you this, " keep them handy you may need them one day."

Now back to discussing about arts that are collectively influencing all the other arts in general, below is a simple classification of the main arts of living.

  • Constitutional arts or acts

  • Personal learned or skilled arts

  • Inherited arts

  • Professional or academical arts

  • Emotional driven or decisional arts

  • Rebellion arts

  • Survival arts

  • Social or psychology influence arts

  • Victimized arts

  • Exploited arts

  • DNA arts

  • Community influenced arts

  • Culture influenced arts

  • Religious influence acts

  • Evolutions influential arts

  • Family influenced arts

As we can vision all this arts can be a lot to remember and very complex to determine the sub constituents arts under every art in question especially in one single narrative article. Stay tuned as we go about discussing the arts mentioned above one by one including their relations and effects to your way of living. Soon you will understand you are an artist, maybe the best artist you could be a loyal fan to!

  1. Constitutional acts or arts

  • To commence in a clear way, it is presumably wise to consider

  • the fact that it is better to start brainstorming about Constitutional Arts first due to the fact that such Arts are the crucial essentials that influence,

  • otherwise enforces all the other Arts in existence to an individual,

  • impacting any subjective person to regulate her or his humanic personal developed arts

  • to align well with the expectations of the Constitutions Acts.

  • Believe and be sure that without Constitutional Arts, there is no humanity or humans rather than animosity and animals.

  • Same accounts to the excessiveness of not following or aligning individual humanic arts in accordance with the constitutional acts:

  • leads to deterioration of fair human interactions, hence

  • evolving calamities like corruptions, racism, adultery or crimes including all the other rebellious arts of Constitutional arts

  • while the Constitutions and its protectors are trying to curb this opposing arts from going viral in all subjective emotions perpetually,

  • although the enforcers still are humans and at some point they had swore to keep their humanic arts, cheating arts, lying arts, culture arts, preferences arts, racism arts, community arts, sympathy arts or personal arts away,

  • As mostly the protectors and influencers of Constitutional Acts are supposed to use only special arts like professional arts, academical arts, research arts or experimental arts in their powers to uphold the expectations and responsibilities of the Constitutions Acts in every subjective emotions,

  • as physical and emotional choice of what an individual will decide to do despite the regulations stated for such actions by the Constitutions,

  • may depends solely in his own decisional arts:

  • when executing the services of upholding what the Constitutional arts enforces.

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